My thoughts on the influence “Our Government” have on us!

Government wants you to be reliant of drugs and alcohol this includes any kind of nicotine, these things disable and hurt our people long-term and short-term. They advertise these things as good things and fun things and make you subconsciously have no guilt over doing these things infront of others ( Children, relitives, friends etc.) as well as give you no guilt for your actions in the first place. These things ruin lives of many, if its not your childs heart your breaking its your partner praying that one day you will stop slowly killing your self. The sad part is that people are so willing to hurt themselves so blandly. It has to make you think isn’t this just the purpose from the begginin to put millions of people under the influence to just watch them get sick and spend thousands of purposeless dollars in the hospital and in the end result this will thin the population of people in this country. HUMANS ARE PERFECTLY FINE WITHOUT THESE THINGS. I can’t stress that enough. O and the media and the government are all involved with one another like partners in CRIME! They want you to see what they want you to see they want you to know what they want you to know and they want you to follow what you see on your TV, computers, and other electronics. MIND CONTROL!!! If God is your number 1 in this life then all of this doesn’t mean anything and everything will be ok because God is the only one who can save you from the worldly “Powers”. Keep your faith in God and do your research to educate your self on of the truth of this modern day world. When all else fails pray to God with a believing heart and watch you blessings spill over. 🙂 It’s your choice.

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